NKMZ continues to raise the salary

Social protection of employees is one of the main vectors of development of the enterprise, and the growth of the average salary is an indicator of stable work of the team of NKMZ employees and their confidence in the future. Thus, according to the results of work for 9 months of 2019, we revealed 41% salary growth compared to the same period in 2018. The average salary at NKMZ amounted to 16 thousand 152 UAH. The salary of highly skilled machinists exceeds 50 thousand UAH.

The growth of average salary by categories is presented in the diagram.

Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod is a large closed-cycle machine-building enterprise specializing in the production of rolling, metallurgical, press-and-forging, mining, hydrotechnic, hoisting-and-transport and specialized equipment. Over the nine months of 2019, the plant increased sales to 5.4 billion UAH, which is 27% more compared to the same period in 2018. The growth in commodity output amounted to 23%.

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NKMZ celebrated 85 years of work from the commissioning day

On September 20-21, Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod celebrated three holidays: the 85th anniversary from the enterprise commissioning; Machine Builders Day, the date of which associated with the commissioning of NKMZ in 1966; Day of the City. In 1932 due to the construction of the giant of heavy engineering Kramatorsk became a city.

Working team of NKMZ celebrated the anniversary presentably. Compared to 2018, sales volume grew by 37%, sales of finished products – by 29%, output of marketable products – by 20%. The average wage value of employees was increased by 44.6%. It amounts to UAH 15,421.7 for the first half of the year. The average wage of the contractor is UAH 20,023.6 (increased for 55.6%), the average wage of a machine operator is 22392 UAH (increased for 55.3%). The enterprise continues to perform works on technical modernization, ergonomics, development of modern communications, and improvement of designs and technologies. On the eve of the anniversary, the factory veterans received traditional financial assistance, which is one and a half times higher compared to the last year. NKMZ supports its retirees since 1992.

During the anniversary day, NKMZ received more than one hundred guests from the UK, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Sweden, and from Ukrainian enterprises.

Guests visited workshops of the enterprise and saw a great variety of new modern equipment. Mostly the guests were impressed by Waldrich Coburg – the largest unique machining center installed in the mechanical assembly workshop No. 8. Visitors showed great interest in demonstration of products samples, including the П315 (P315) road header shown in the machine-assembly shop No. 12. It’s the most powerful road header in the CIS, manufactured for “Pokrovskoye” mine. The lifting-and-swinging steel-casting stand for the Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works (Kamenskoe, Dnepropetrovsk Region) also  impressed them significantly. 13.5 m high powerful machine with a lag span of 21 m became an object of total admiration.
I am always surprised to see how NKMZ is constantly moving forward not only in technical capabilities and in the quality of its products, but also in the production culture, which is very important” said Jan Sheben, Director General of Imet Tec (Slovakia, Bratislava) during the tour. — Cleanliness and order, aesthetic improvements became the norm for your production. It has a good impression on customers visiting NKMZ.  It brings them only positive feelings and a wish to continue and develop cooperation with you. ”

On the day of the anniversary, many employees of NKMZ were awarded with the corporate titles “Veteran of Labor of NKMZ”, “Honored Machine Worker of NKMZ”, “Honorary worker of NKMZ”, grateful letters and certificates of appreciations from the board of the JSC and the trade union committee of the enterprise, city mayor, regional state administration.
During presentation of recognition certificates to the NKMZ workers, the governor of the Donetsk region P.A. Kirilenko noted the importance of NKMZ work for the city, region and country. He wished veterans and company workers health, prosperity and “peace to all of us.”
Summarizing results of the enterprise 85th anniversary celebration, the Chairman of the Board of PJSC, Director General of NKMZ G.S. Sukov noted that “NKMZ remains the best engineering company in Ukraine and the CIS, one of the best in Europe. In 2020 we will change amount of our deliveries from 79 countries to 80, or maybe more.”

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Congratulation on the Machine-builder’s day from Georgy Skudar

Dear citizens of Kramatorsk!

Machine-builder’s day is significant to each of us, because in every family, in every house in the city there are people who have devoted themselves to this intellectual profession or people connected with the city’s enterprises, which have always been the basis of industrial engineering in Ukraine.

This holiday is significant, because Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod celebrated these days the 85th anniversary – commissioning of the largest individual engineering enterprise in Europe.

NKMZ works with dignity for the benefit of Ukraine, Donbass, Kramatorsk. NKMZ workers are focused on creating a developed economic structure, where there will always be a work for an honest, skillful, competent worker, capable of ensuring a high social standard of living.

Over the last decades, according to the general recognition of our partners from near and far abroad, NKMZ has become the leader in heavy engineering in the CIS. Modern engineering developments, state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, a high work culture have provided the plant with competitive advantages in many countries.

NKMZ workers try to make the city more beautiful and comfortable. We want Kramatorsk citizens to love our common home, be proud of it and not leave from here to faraway countries. That is why we are investing in the implementation of social programs, financing children’s institutions, schools, laying down new squares, building playgrounds and sports grounds.

Machine-builder’s Day, City Day and NKMZ’s Birthday is the joint holiday for all of us. I wish this day be enjoyable and memorable for you! I wish your families calmness, mutual understanding and happiness forever!

I wish a happy holiday to citizens of Kramatorsk!

Georgy Skudar, president of PJSC NKMZ

Metinvest Holding LLC and NKMZ PJSC have signed memorandum on strategic cooperation

On July 24, the two largest Ukrainian companies – Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod PJSC (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region) and Metinvest Holding LLC (Mariupol, Donetsk Region) signed a memorandum on strategic cooperation.

The long-term agreement is aimed at the development of the industrial sector of Ukraine, the reconstruction and modernization of equipment for metallurgical, mining and coal-mining enterprises. This agreement also includes a clause on joint development and creation of new products, which indicates the intention of Ukrainian industrialists to strengthen their position in the global market.

In recent years, in cooperation with the Ukrainian metallurgists and coal miners, NKMZ has developed up-to-date road heading machines P200 and P315, heavy casting cranes, unique stage loaders, converters, pellet coolers and other equipment that significantly increases the efficiency of production processes.

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NKMZ took part at the international trade fair in Germany

NovokramatorskyMashinostroitelnyZavod (Kramatorsk, Donetsk Region) took part in the X International Trade Fair of Metallurgy and Steel Production METEC-2019 (10th International Metallurgical Trade Fair & Congress), which took place in Dusseldorf (Germany) on June 25-29. This specialized trade fair is the most important event in the life of the worldmetallurgical industry.

More than 500 exhibitors presented their products at the current fair, the forum hosted up to 200 thousand visitors.

NKMZ has independently taken part at the Düsseldorf fair since 2007, and each time the enterprise’s exposition is a tremendous success – consumers of metallurgical equipment are interested in the fate of the enterprise, that amid the crisis manufactures machines which meet the requirements of the world market and are able to equip the entire metallurgical production cycle up to the release of the rolled products in coils..

At METEC-2019, NKMZ was represented by Director of the Rolls and power-generating equipment division – Arthur Shrayder, Chief Engineer of the Rolling-mill equipment division – Vladimir Stupak, specialists of the enterprise. The delegation conducted a number of negotiations on the capability of producing rolls, billet and slab CCMs, electric arc furnacesat NKMZ, modernizationof the existing equipment and manufacture of the new press-forgingplants.

The interest of the fair visitors was aroused by the almost unlimited capabilities of NKMZ in manufacturing equipment for the metallurgical industry. According to the results of the trade fair, the enterprise’s marketing division is preparing a number of prospectiveoffers for the foreign partners..

NovokramatorskyMashinostroitelnyZavod is a large machine-building enterprise with a closed production cycle thatspecializes in the production of rolling-mill, metallurgical, press-forging, mining, hydrotechnical, handling and special- purpose equipment.

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The international research-and-practical conference was held at NKMZ

Based on Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region), on June 19-20 the second international research-and-practical conference “Modern equipment complexes for the extraction, processing and transportation of mineral resources. Prospects for the technological processes development”. The first conference of the cycle those which dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the enterprise was held at the end of May and was related to metallurgy. Both events are organized by NKMZ together with the Donbass Machine-Building Academy.

Among the participants there are more than 70 managers and specialists representing 23 mining enterprises and trading companies from Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, as well as scientists from five Ukrainian universities. All of them in one capacity or another are partners of NKMZ.

At the plenary session on the first day of the conference, Chief Engineer of NKMZ Mr. Alexey Voloshin told about the created at the plant advanced technological capabilities ensuring the production of innovative, competitive equipment for mining and processing complexes. After the implementation at the NKMZ of the large-scale program of technical re-equipment in the metallurgical, welding and machining production, the plant corresponds to the world-class industrial complex and is considered to be the enterprise No.1 among the heavy engineering companies of the former Union. It produces a wide range of products for various industries.

The main experts of NKMZ introduced the participants of the conference to the manufactured mining machines, represented new products and advanced developments. This is the equipment and complexes for open-pit mining, processing and transportation of mineral resources, as well as equipment for underground mining. One of the new promising activities of NKMZ workers is the manufacturing and supply of equipment for complex processing of ash-and-slag dumps of thermal power plants.

The president of the Donbass Machine-Building Academy, Mr. Viktor Kovalev told about the innovative developments of the DSMA for heavy engineering.

On the second day of the conference, at its breakout sessions, about thirty reports were dedicated to the innovative development of equipment for the mining and processing industry and technological processes. They were rendered by NKMZ specialists and Ukrainian scientists.

Within the framework of the conference its participants also made the excursion to the workshops of NKMZ. Here are a few of their reviews. “At NKMZ there are serious capacities and technological capabilities. This is the plant for production of the plants. NKMZ is the quality. Produced here machines operate for a long time and without accidents. By purchasing the machines and equipment with the NKMZ brand, we ourselves rise to a new level of quality and technology”.

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NKMZ realizes shipment of unique equipment to Ferrexpo Poltava Mining

Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region) initiates the shipment of the second domestically-produced, unique (in regards to design and implementation) ring-type cooler for iron-ore rolled briquette. This high-technology machinery is designed for the largest Ukrainian ore-dressing and processing enterprise Ferrexpo Poltava Mining that holds the leading position for these products at the former Soviet Union market.

Until 2013 the pelletizing factory of Ferrexpo Poltava Mining applied the only effective technology and equipment available in Ukraine and CIS countries based on US system «grate – pipe furnace – ring-type cooler». This equipment has become obsolete and therefore NKMZ specialists offered ring-type cooler of their own design to the miners. Compared to equivalent foreign equipment this cooler consumes less gas and oxygen and has compact and environmentally-friendly design. Within six years of operation this highly-efficient equipment has paid its cost. The second cooler, produced for Ferrexpo Poltava Mining, is equipped with lubrication supply system that delivers lubricant into pallets bearing assemblies resulting in boost of operational efficiency.

Moreover, NKMZ regularly provides Ferrexpo Poltava Mining with spare parts and units to replace equivalents at foreign machines. It refers, in particular, to one of the main cooler’s component – pallets, forming circular area, to which the hot rolled briquettes are laid and which has slots for supply of cooling air. The pallets designed and produced by NKMZ significantly exceed the equivalents in regards to wear-resistance capacity.

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NKMZ – Uzbekistan: cooperation extends

Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod (NKMZ) continues to pay attention to the deeper development of the market of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Once again, the company successfully presented its products and technological capabilities at «Mining equipment, geological exploration and enrichment of ores and minerals «UzMiningExpo-2019» exhibition, which was held as part of the X international industrial forum «Uzbekistan Industrial Forum-2019». (27-29 March, Tashkent).

Of the more than 100 exhibitors representing 13 countries, NKMZ was the largest enterprise producing the widest range of mining machinery and equipment.

For more than half a century, Ukrainian machine builders and Uzbek industrialists have strong partnership. The products of the NKMZ brand, which is operated at the mining and smelting enterprises of Uzbekistan, have gained the confidence of the miners and metallurgists, having received their best reviews. They give a high assessment to the «ЦПТ-руда» complex that was delivered to the mine of Muruntau of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat in this decade. It includes a unique high-angle conveyor, a crushing and reloading unit with an toothed-screw crusher and ore stacker.

The high-angle conveyor as an alternative to road transport in ultra-deep mines is of constant interest to visitors of this exhibition. This time, among the products presented by the NKMZ workers, the visitors also showed interest in the mine winders, crushers, mills, excavators, bucket wheel reclaimers, tunneling machines. Communication was fruitful.

Today NKMZ manufactures two stackers for Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat. In the future – the implementation of other projects.

According to the results of participation in the exhibition, NKMZ was awarded with diplomas «For the long-term supply of high-quality reliable equipment for the mining and metallurgical industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and in honor of the 85th anniversary of the plant start-up», «For the professional presentation of products and creative design of the exhibition stand».

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