The third bucket wheel excavator for Kazakh miners

Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod launched production of ЭР1500 – 9,5/0,5 bucket wheel excavator for Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe gorno-obogatitelnoe proizvodstvennoe obedinenie JSC (SSGP) (Republic of Kazakhstan), that was designed by mining and press-forging equipment production division of the company.

This is the third bucket wheel excavator of this model manufactured by NKMZ for this Kazakh company. Two previous ones, supplied by the NKMZ in 2012, are being successfully operated. The miners are completely satisfied with the performance of these excavators and therefore placed their order at NKMZ for the production of the third machine. Taking into account customer’s wishes, the NKMZ team made minor modifications in the design of this machine in order to increase its maintainability and ease of use.

NKMZ is widely known as the creator of reliable and high-quality large bucket wheel complexes weighing up to 6000 tons, manufactured during the Soviet period for work in open pit mines. Some of them are still operated, far beyond the guaranteed service life. For example, a large bucket wheel complex has been operating at the Volnogorsk GMK since 1979. But such complexes have not been purchased by the mining enterprises of the post-Soviet space for several decades.

The bucket wheel excavator for Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe gorno-obogatitelnoe proizvodstvennoe obedinenie JSC (SSGP) is a small machine (weight: over 188 tons, length: 35 m, width: 7.5 m, height: 8 m), which is used in closed warehouses for material handling. Its productivity makes 1500 t / h, the height of the material intake is 9.5 m, the depth of the material intake is 0.5 m from the zero mark. Its main advantages when performing these works are mobility and productivity.

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Ultimate capacity mine winder

At the end of October, Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod shipped a skip mine winder ШПМ ЦШ-5х8 to the Sokolovskaya mine of SSGPO JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan). This is the fourth machine among mine winders of various types that were designed, manufactured and shipped to customers this year by mining and press-forging equipment production division of NKMZ.

ШПМ ЦШ-5х8в model is one of the most productive mine winders in the world market, which is able to lift 60 tons of iron ore from a depth of more than 700 m in one lifting operation. By its type, it belongs to multi-rope machines that lift their vehicles due to the friction forces between the drum lining and the rope.

ШПМ ЦШ-5х8в model is mounted on a tower-type headgear, equipped with two lifting motors of 3800 kW each, a traction sheave with a diameter of 5 m with eight strands for lifting ropes. Its design also envisages eight lined strands with a removable lining made of modern German Becorit material with a high friction coefficient to transmit the required torque. The machine is also fitted with shoe brakes having four spring-loaded drives, which provide reliable braking, ease of setup and maintenance.

At present time the mining and press-forging equipment production division is manufacturing another mine winder of ШПМ 2Ц-6,4х2,4 ТД model for TNC Kazchrome JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan). Its assembly operation will begin in December.

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New section mill of NKMZ brand

Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod (NKMZ) has completed the production of the second stage of the equipment complex for the 350/250 small-section wire mill. This modern, universal, highly automated mill will produce rods (Ø10-30 mm) and wire rod (Ø5.5-12 mm) in coils from various grades of steels and titanium alloys.

This is the first mill of this type that was fully designed and manufactured at NKMZ. Previously, the company mainly carried out their modernization and reconstruction.

The second stage of the mill includes equipment for charging and discharging billets from a heating furnace, transport roller tables, cooling bed, pull-over gear, power systems and automated process control systems (APCS). In the first stage, among other things, a section of a continuous group of horizontal and edging stands 350 for the production of rods, a section of a continuous group of horizontal and edging stands 250 for the production of wire rod, a section for winding wire rod were manufactured.

NKMZ carries out a complete supply of the mill, which, together with engineering and equipment, includes rolling technology and a software product. It should be noted that the mill made by NKMZ provides rolling of a wide range of steel grades and alloys. Due to the features of the technical process, they require different amounts of force and rolling temperature, different reduction (degree of metal deformation), and, as a rule, are not rolled on the same mill. NKMZ employees have created a universal mill that is capable to do it.

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Rod mills are a popular product range of NKMZ

In the ore-and-mining and press-forging equipment production division of NKMZ, the manufacture of a rod mill with a central discharge MSC 3600×4500, intended for grinding iron ore, has been completed.

Mills of this type are installed in the first stage of grinding and are the first to receive the largest ore that comes after crushing. They work in extremely difficult conditions under heavy loads. In addition, the grinding bodies in them are metal rods, which are heavier than the balls used in traditional mills.

Taking into account the high loads in the structure of two mills MSC 3600×4500, manufactured this year, up-to-date modernized segmental bearings were used, which have a higher carrying capacity than single-case ones, which were installed in mills of this type that were produced earlier. Segmental bearings are more durable.

Another special feature of the center discharge rod mills is that their rotating part is supplied pre-assembled to increase assembly readiness.

Center discharge rod mills are popular with miners. NKMZ produces two or three mills of this type annually.

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High appreciation was given to NKMZ mills

Eight central discharge ball mills of МШЦ(Р) 3600х5000 model have been produced this year by NKMZ for PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY “SOUTHERN MINING FACTORY” (UGOK). Five of them have been already shipped to the customer and are being installed now, the remaining three are about to be shipped.

Central discharge ball mill of МШЦ(Р) 3600х5000 model is a result of modernization of grate discharge ball mill. The modification of discharge pattern enabled to improve flow diagram of minerals processing at UGOK and to increase production capacity of the processing plant by 10%.

Ukrainian miners highly appreciated the quality and technical performance of NKMZ machinery. Other eight mills of the same type for UGOK are currently at production stage.

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Straightening-drawing machine designed by NKMZ

Metallurgical and Sinking equipment Division manufactured and success-fully tested two additional straightening-drawing machines at Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod.

Such equipment is installed in the technological line of continuous billet casting machine (CCM) and is intended for drawing out of the mold and subsequent straightening of a square billet with a cross section from 100×100 to 150×150 mm, at a temperature about 850˚С. The design and workmanship of the straightening-drawing machine produced by NKMZ ensure its performance in such difficult conditions.

During designing, NKMZ specialists used the significant experience gained during creation of straightening-drawing machines of their own design. As a result, the design of the machine roller drive was changed, making possible to increase significantly its reliability and overhaul interval. Metallurgists had opportunity to convince in these advantages based on their own experience, because two straightening-drawing machines of such type made by NKMZ were supplied to them.

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NKMZ Wagon pusher

A new product will be supplemented to the wide range of machines and equipment produced by the Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod in 2021. It’s a modern wagon pusher, currently under manufacture for the Avdiivka Coke-Chemical Plant. It will be integrated into the existing wagon unloading process in the coal loading shop No. 2 instead of its worn-out predecessor, which worked for more than half a century. Its shipment to the customer is scheduled for this year in November.

The wagon pusher is a special mini-electric locomotive working with a wagon dumper and preparing coal for coking. It primarily pushes a train of 25 coal-loaded wagons towards to wagon dumper, on which the last uncoupled wagon is installed. Then it returns the remaining wagons to their original position. After this wagon unloading, it pushes the next one to the wagon dumper.

Dmitry Aleshin (the head of the bureau of transport devices, design department of the metallurgical and mine-tunneling equipment division of NKMZ) said, that in contrast to the competitors proposal, the project of our wagon pusher was developed with the most accurate observance of all the requirements of Avdeevka coke chemical engineers. It is design is simpler, the weight is less. It has a remote control and optimal performance. In addition, this unit and the wagon dumper will be controlled from one control panel by one operator.

The wagon pusher can be used in any production where a quick step-by-step unloading of bulk materials according to wagon norms is required. So the workers of Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod hope for the next orders.

Increased capacity crusher of NKMZ

Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod produced for Poltavsky MPP modernized cone crusher for coarse grinding with hydraulic regulation of opening, model ККД1500х180 ГРЩ-М.

As a result of the crusher design improvement, its capacity is 5.5 thousand tons/hour. It is almost 55% higher than before the modernization.

NKMZ has already produced cone crushers of this standard size, but only with standard capacity. One of them was manufactured and delivered to the Ingulets MPP last year. It’s already assembled for the present moment.

Higher capacity of the new modernized crusher, while maintaining the same overall dimensions, is provided as a result of standard model structural changes – an increase in drive power and improvement of units crushing material.

Another feature is that, at the request of the customer, it will be installed instead of its dismantled worn-out unit on existing foundations without changing the grid of their anchor parts.

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The first units of the new reloader have been assembled

NKMZ has started assembling of a bridge-type grab double-carriage ore reloader designed and manufactured by NKMZ workers for Azovstal iron and steel works (Mariupol).

Compared to the loaders previously produced at NKMZ, this one is the largest. Its dimensions are as follows: the distance between the supports – 115 m, the total length of the beams – 185 m, the height – 49.7 m. It also has a significant weight of 2400 t. The most important advantage of new reloader is its high production capacity of 800 t/h that is achieved by means of two grab cars moving independently of each other. In the previous NKMZ reloaders, only one such grab car was used.

The reloader’s travel mechanism has already undergone check assembly and has been accepted by the representatives of the customer at NKMZ. Today, the elements of the superstructure bridge, rigid and flexible supports are being welded and passed to check assembly according to the schedule.

The beginning of the installation of the reloader at Azovstal iron and steel works is planned at the end of this year and its commissioning – at the end of the next year.

During the years of Ukraine’s independence, NKMZ has manufactured, shipped and installed two coal grab reloaders for the coal storage facilities at Novosibirsk TPP (RF) and Azovstal iron and steel works, as well as one ore reloader for the ore stockyard of PJSC Zaporozhstal.

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Compact unicum

At NKMZ, within the framework of the technical re-equipment program, a new up-to-date unique slotting machine POLYMAT 70/300 СNC manufactured by Leistritz (Germany) was put into operation.

This machine, probably, can be called one of the most compact among all metal-cutting machine tools operated at NKMZ today. Its dimensions: 1420x1250x1640 mm. At the same time, it has a lot of advantages, and was very necessary for the company.

First of all, this machine is designed for processing internal straight-sided splines at gears and pinions , which are used in gearboxes of roadheaders manufactured at NKMZ. For a long time, the broaching method was used for machining such splines, requiring an expensive tool. But the broaching machine, on which this technological operation was performed, lost its accuracy, and the splines had to be machined using spark-erosion equipment, which was much more expensive and took more time.

After purchasing the POLYMAT 70/300 CNC machine this problem was solved. It provides processing of straight-sided splines in efficient and quality manner and has high accuracy characteristics and covers all standard sizes of gear splines, pinions and sprockets manufactured at NKMZ. The main characteristics of this equipment are as follows: maximum groove length – 300 mm, groove width 2-70 mm, hole diameter – from 10 to 440 mm.

By means of new machine, it is possible to make a diametrical seat of the splines with an accuracy of 7 quality class, while by means of universal ones – only a straight line. It uses a tool with carbide blades, which makes it possible to process materials with a hardness of 340-360 HB, which is higher than with a broaching machine.

The main application of the POLYMAT 70/300 CNC is processing of splines. But, besides this, NKMZ specialists tested and implemented a method of processing conventional keyway slots with a width of 2 to 70 mm with this machine. Here, with the use of special installation tools, their processing is carried out 30% faster than with universal slotting equipment.

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