New spreader made by NKMZ was put into operation

For more than a month, a new modern spreader OГС-4000/125, designed and manufactured by Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod (NKMZ) has been successfully operating in the Muruntau open pit mine of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine (Republic of Uzbekistan). The maintenance service specialists have no complaints about its work.

It is a part of the rock conveying complex, which was also started up in October. This is the first of two spreaders supplied by NKMZ to Navoi MMC last year. Erection of the second one is nearing completion. Its startup is planned for the 10-th of December. The work was carried out under the guidance of Novokramatorsk supervising engineers.

Uzbek miners preferred NKMZ spreaders to machines of world leaders because of their production, which have more than 100 units of these products in their reference lists. They ordered two spreaders at the one time, because these machines are not representatives of the production series, but were designed and manufactured according to the individual technical assignment, taking into account all the features of mining operations at the Muruntau open pit mine. The miners of Navoi MMC completely trust in the Novokramatorsk brand, because the steeply inclined conveyor that has been in operation at this open pit mine since 2011 for the first time at NKMZ has earned their best reviews. The other Novokramatorsk mining equipment, which they are also satisfied with, is in operation at the combine.

The new spreader has the original design and corresponds to modern world analogues. The spreaders were the largest of the machines shipped in 2020 by the division of ore-and-mining and press-forging equipment of NKMZ: weight of one – 1130 tons, length – 140.8 m, height – 42 m, width – 14 m, production capacity – 4000 m3/hour.

In two complexes of cyclical-and-continuous flow technology, in which these spreaders are installed, two-by-two crushing and reloading devices are in operation. Each of them includes crushers also manufactured at NKMZ.

Cooperation between NKMZ and Navoi MMC continues. This year, the Novokramatorsk workers have already sent to Uzbekistan skip and cage-type winders ШПМ МПМН-3,15х4, five mills МШЦ 5500х7500, the mill ММС 90х30. There are prospects for the next year as well.

Press-service of NKMZ