General Director’s message

Dear Sirs,

2021 was a very difficult year for us, as well as for all Ukrainian product manufacturers.

The rise in prices for metals, scrap metal, purchased components, and especially for energy resources, in particular, for gas, the price of which for industrial enterprises increased 6 (six) times over the four months of last year, made its own adjustments.

And, nevertheless, despite the challenges of the real life, we are honest and responsible to our partners; we have always fulfilled and keep fulfilling obligations assumed by us!

Let me assure you that at present the company is operating as usual, continuing to manufacture and to supply products, performing works in a timely manner within the framework of concluded contracts and faces the future with confidence!

Kind regards,
General Director NKMZ PJSC

You can find more online about our production processes in the workshops of the company at the following link: