Hydraulic rock breaker for Ingulets Iron Ore dressing Works (Ingulets GOK)

At the end of 2021, a new tract of the in-pit crushing and conveying technology complex (CPT) was put into operation in the open pit of the Ingulets Iron Ore dressing Works (Metinvest). The complex is designed for coarse crushing and transportation of ore from a depth of minus 300 m to the ore processing plants of the enterprise. As part of this complex, “NKMZ” PJSC has designed, manufactured and delivered the ККД -1500/180 crusher and other equipment.

To improve the safety of work on crushing oversized pieces of rock and increase the productivity of the entire technological chain, the customer decided to equip the new in-pit crushing and conveying complex with a stationary rock breaker.

The rock breaker is executed as manipulator rotating on a turntable, at the free end of which a hydraulic hammer is fixed. Due to a sufficient number of degrees of freedom of the manipulator, the hydraulic hammer splits the oversized rock mass to acceptable dimensions directly in the crusher’s receiving hopper.

In order to reduce the time of commissioning works, the equipment was delivered in a state of increased assembly readiness.