Modern mine winder for Kazakhstan made by “NKMZ” PJSC

Acceptance tests of the modernized modern mine winder ShPM 2Ts-6×2.4 TD, designed and manufactured by “NKMZ” specialists for JSC TNC “Kazchrome” (Republic of Kazakhstan), took place at the “Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod”. Together with “NKMZ” specialists, representatives of the customer took part in them – the Chief Mechanic of JSC TNC “Kazchrome”, Mr. B.T. Jamanov and Power Engineering Manager, Mr. K.S. Shudabaev.

They highly appreciated the results of the controlled assembly of this machine, its operation at idle, as well as the operation of the release device, and concluded that the product complies with the technical documentation and is allowed for shipment to the customer.

The main design feature of ShPM 2Ts-6×2.4 TD is a disc brake system based on modern electromagnetic sensors. This machine will be installed instead of the outdated mine winder MPB 6.3×2.8×2.8 currently operated at JSC TNC “Kazchrome” with internal shoe brakes.

The use of the upgraded ShPM 2Ts-6×2.4 TD will allow further operation of the mine winding system and ore mining 365 days a year around-the-clock, without reducing productivity, while increasing the accuracy of positioning vessels in the shaft and operational characteristics due to greater visualization and control over the operating parameters of the mine winder.

In the near future, “NKMZ” specialists will start manufacturing another ShPM 2Ts-5×2.4 winding machine with a gearbox and hoisting pulleys for Vostoktsvetmet LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan).

Press-relations service of “NKMZ”