Another casing for blast furnace

Owing to its unique technological capabilities, Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod (NKMZ PJSC) is known as manufacturer of big as well as complicated and precise machinery, equipment and components.

In June, the company completed the manufacture of a large-sized assembly unit – a blast furnace casing. It consists of four, installed one on top of the other, shells – three conical and one cylindrical, with a diameter of 12-14 m. The height of the entire casing is 9 m, the weight is 160 tons. This is the third such casing made by NKMZ workers.

Thanks to the use of a unique machine from Haeusler, when rolling the sectors of tapered shells with such a large diameter and sheet thickness of 70 mm, the NKMZ workers managed to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the finished part up to 5 mm. Then the finishing machining of the folded sectors was carried out with a high-precision up-to-date boring CNC machine from Skoda. Here, the most difficult operation was the machining of the areas for the installation of cooling beds.

The casing is the main bearing element of the blast furnace, the purpose of which is to ensure the constructional strength of its structure. It is lined with appropriate refractory materials. In addition to the pressure caused by the processes occurring in the working volume of the blast furnace, the casing is subjected to loads from the weight of the blast furnace top charging equipment, gas outlets, platforms and other structures.

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Metallurgists prefer NKMZ rolls

In May, the rolls and power generating equipment production division of the Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod shipped to the customers about 180 mill rolls with a total weight of over 1,500 t, weight range from 1 to 40 t. These are backup and work rolls, idle and driven rolls, top and bottom rolls, intermediate and vertical rolls.

Some of the products were shipped to the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine: Nizhnedneprovsky Tube Rolling Plant (Dnepr), Kramatorsk Metal Rolling Plant, Interpipe Niko Tube (Nikopol); to iron and steel works – MMK named after Ilyich and Azovstal (Mariupol), Zaporizhstal, ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih. More than half of the total mill rolls volume has been shipped to regular customers from Turkey, Slovakia, India, France, Czech Republic, Romania.

Rolling mill rolls are the most popular nomenclature of NKMZ. The enterprise produces four types of them – backup hot rolls and backup cold rolls, work hot rolls and work cold rolls.

Rolls of the NKMZ brand are successfully operated by metallurgical enterprises from 43 countries of the world, on four continents. Throughout its history, NKMZ has produced more than 1,3 million tons of various mill rolls.

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NKMZ has manufactured a new section rolling mill

The Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod designed and manufactured a complex of equipment for a small-section wire mill 350/250.

This is a modern universal highly automated mill for the bars (Ø10-30 mm) and wire rods (Ø5.5-12 mm) production in coils from various steel grades and titanium alloys.

The equipment of the new mill includes:
• section of a continuous train of horizontal and vertical stands 350 for the bars production,
• section of a continuous train of horizontal and vertical stands 250 for wire rods production,
• wire rod coiling section,
• energy sources systems, electric drives and automated process control systems,
• software.

“In the past NKMZ mainly carried out the modernization and reconstruction of mills of this type, manufacturing separate equipment for them, but for this project we have manufactured the entire mill, – says Dmitry Morozko, chief designer of the design department of NKMZ rolling mill equipment production division. – It is very important that for the 350/250 small-section wire mill, the Novokramatorsk employees, together with the engineering and equipment production, carry out a complete supply including rolling technology and software product. It should also be noted that at this mill we have provided the rolling of a fairly wide range of steel grades and alloys. Among them are carbon, structural, alloyed, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, oxidation-resistant, high-speed steels, as well as titanium alloys. Since they all require different values of force and rolling temperature, as well as different reduction (degree of metal deformation), then, as a rule, they are not rolled on the same mill. And the Novokramatorsk employees have created a universal mill with such capability. At the same time, our mill also differs from the mills of this type, which are operated by metallurgists today, by a high level of automation”.

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