NKMZ has manufactured a new section rolling mill

The Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod designed and manufactured a complex of equipment for a small-section wire mill 350/250.

This is a modern universal highly automated mill for the bars (Ø10-30 mm) and wire rods (Ø5.5-12 mm) production in coils from various steel grades and titanium alloys.

The equipment of the new mill includes:
• section of a continuous train of horizontal and vertical stands 350 for the bars production,
• section of a continuous train of horizontal and vertical stands 250 for wire rods production,
• wire rod coiling section,
• energy sources systems, electric drives and automated process control systems,
• software.

“In the past NKMZ mainly carried out the modernization and reconstruction of mills of this type, manufacturing separate equipment for them, but for this project we have manufactured the entire mill, – says Dmitry Morozko, chief designer of the design department of NKMZ rolling mill equipment production division. – It is very important that for the 350/250 small-section wire mill, the Novokramatorsk employees, together with the engineering and equipment production, carry out a complete supply including rolling technology and software product. It should also be noted that at this mill we have provided the rolling of a fairly wide range of steel grades and alloys. Among them are carbon, structural, alloyed, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, oxidation-resistant, high-speed steels, as well as titanium alloys. Since they all require different values of force and rolling temperature, as well as different reduction (degree of metal deformation), then, as a rule, they are not rolled on the same mill. And the Novokramatorsk employees have created a universal mill with such capability. At the same time, our mill also differs from the mills of this type, which are operated by metallurgists today, by a high level of automation”.

Press-service of NKMZ