Another casing for blast furnace

Owing to its unique technological capabilities, Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod (NKMZ PJSC) is known as manufacturer of big as well as complicated and precise machinery, equipment and components.

In June, the company completed the manufacture of a large-sized assembly unit – a blast furnace casing. It consists of four, installed one on top of the other, shells – three conical and one cylindrical, with a diameter of 12-14 m. The height of the entire casing is 9 m, the weight is 160 tons. This is the third such casing made by NKMZ workers.

Thanks to the use of a unique machine from Haeusler, when rolling the sectors of tapered shells with such a large diameter and sheet thickness of 70 mm, the NKMZ workers managed to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the finished part up to 5 mm. Then the finishing machining of the folded sectors was carried out with a high-precision up-to-date boring CNC machine from Skoda. Here, the most difficult operation was the machining of the areas for the installation of cooling beds.

The casing is the main bearing element of the blast furnace, the purpose of which is to ensure the constructional strength of its structure. It is lined with appropriate refractory materials. In addition to the pressure caused by the processes occurring in the working volume of the blast furnace, the casing is subjected to loads from the weight of the blast furnace top charging equipment, gas outlets, platforms and other structures.

Press relations service of NKMZ