Continuous improvement

Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod (NKMZ) has completed the production of a mine winding machine МПБ-5х2.5х2.5.

Its distinctive feature is represented by the brake located inside the drum. This made it possible to fully use the outer cylindrical surface of the drum for winding the rope, thereby increasing the rope capacity for the preset drum dimensions. The machine has self-adjusting shoe brakes, which are fully balanced and neutral to the direction of rotation of the drum. The spring-pneumatic, load-free brake drives are also applied. To ensure easy installation and maintenance, the brake and actuators were mounted on swing frames. Such a compact design of the braking system made it possible to significantly simplify the configuration of the foundation and achieve a reduction in its size, which will further reduce costs during the construction of the winding unit building.

Press relations service of NKMZ