Reliable protection against coronavirus

Voluntary vaccination of the NKMZ personnel against coronavirus started on July 26 at the plant territory. Within a week, the first thousand employees of NKMZ will receive the first injection out of two ones.

Two-phase American Moderna vaccine is used for vaccination against COVID-19. It was developed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (USA). According to the results of large-scale clinical trials and use in various countries around the world, the safety of Moderna has been proven in practice. Its efficiency is 94.1%.

In total, the enterprise has five vaccination locations: in the Central Plant Laboratory, in a medical unit, in household premises of Shop No.12 and two locations in the engineering building. Also, one location was opened in the Palace of Culture and Technology of NKMZ for the vaccination of former employees of the company. For them, vaccination will begin on July 30, 2021.

Medical teams – employees of the city health department – are vaccinating plant workers and filling out relative documents. After the procedure, the health status of each vaccinated person is monitored locally. After the second dose of vaccination in 28 days the employees will be given a personal certificate of an international standard.

If among those wishing to receive the vaccination there are employees of the company who have not yet concluded a declaration with a family doctor, they shall come for vaccination with a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, personal identification number and a mobile phone. This is necessary in order to conclude such a declaration here.

Vaccination of the plant employees is proceeding according to the schedule. Only on July 27, 185 plant workers received the first dose of Moderna vaccine.

Press relations service of NKMZ