Straightening-drawing machine designed by NKMZ

Metallurgical and Sinking equipment Division manufactured and success-fully tested two additional straightening-drawing machines at Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod.

Such equipment is installed in the technological line of continuous billet casting machine (CCM) and is intended for drawing out of the mold and subsequent straightening of a square billet with a cross section from 100×100 to 150×150 mm, at a temperature about 850˚С. The design and workmanship of the straightening-drawing machine produced by NKMZ ensure its performance in such difficult conditions.

During designing, NKMZ specialists used the significant experience gained during creation of straightening-drawing machines of their own design. As a result, the design of the machine roller drive was changed, making possible to increase significantly its reliability and overhaul interval. Metallurgists had opportunity to convince in these advantages based on their own experience, because two straightening-drawing machines of such type made by NKMZ were supplied to them.

Press-service of NKMZ

NKMZ Wagon pusher

A new product will be supplemented to the wide range of machines and equipment produced by the Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod in 2021. It’s a modern wagon pusher, currently under manufacture for the Avdiivka Coke-Chemical Plant. It will be integrated into the existing wagon unloading process in the coal loading shop No. 2 instead of its worn-out predecessor, which worked for more than half a century. Its shipment to the customer is scheduled for this year in November.

The wagon pusher is a special mini-electric locomotive working with a wagon dumper and preparing coal for coking. It primarily pushes a train of 25 coal-loaded wagons towards to wagon dumper, on which the last uncoupled wagon is installed. Then it returns the remaining wagons to their original position. After this wagon unloading, it pushes the next one to the wagon dumper.

Dmitry Aleshin (the head of the bureau of transport devices, design department of the metallurgical and mine-tunneling equipment division of NKMZ) said, that in contrast to the competitors proposal, the project of our wagon pusher was developed with the most accurate observance of all the requirements of Avdeevka coke chemical engineers. It is design is simpler, the weight is less. It has a remote control and optimal performance. In addition, this unit and the wagon dumper will be controlled from one control panel by one operator.

The wagon pusher can be used in any production where a quick step-by-step unloading of bulk materials according to wagon norms is required. So the workers of Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod hope for the next orders.