Increased capacity crusher of NKMZ

Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod produced for Poltavsky MPP modernized cone crusher for coarse grinding with hydraulic regulation of opening, model ККД1500х180 ГРЩ-М.

As a result of the crusher design improvement, its capacity is 5.5 thousand tons/hour. It is almost 55% higher than before the modernization.

NKMZ has already produced cone crushers of this standard size, but only with standard capacity. One of them was manufactured and delivered to the Ingulets MPP last year. It’s already assembled for the present moment.

Higher capacity of the new modernized crusher, while maintaining the same overall dimensions, is provided as a result of standard model structural changes – an increase in drive power and improvement of units crushing material.

Another feature is that, at the request of the customer, it will be installed instead of its dismantled worn-out unit on existing foundations without changing the grid of their anchor parts.

Press-service of NKMZ

The first units of the new reloader have been assembled

NKMZ has started assembling of a bridge-type grab double-carriage ore reloader designed and manufactured by NKMZ workers for Azovstal iron and steel works (Mariupol).

Compared to the loaders previously produced at NKMZ, this one is the largest. Its dimensions are as follows: the distance between the supports – 115 m, the total length of the beams – 185 m, the height – 49.7 m. It also has a significant weight of 2400 t. The most important advantage of new reloader is its high production capacity of 800 t/h that is achieved by means of two grab cars moving independently of each other. In the previous NKMZ reloaders, only one such grab car was used.

The reloader’s travel mechanism has already undergone check assembly and has been accepted by the representatives of the customer at NKMZ. Today, the elements of the superstructure bridge, rigid and flexible supports are being welded and passed to check assembly according to the schedule.

The beginning of the installation of the reloader at Azovstal iron and steel works is planned at the end of this year and its commissioning – at the end of the next year.

During the years of Ukraine’s independence, NKMZ has manufactured, shipped and installed two coal grab reloaders for the coal storage facilities at Novosibirsk TPP (RF) and Azovstal iron and steel works, as well as one ore reloader for the ore stockyard of PJSC Zaporozhstal.

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Compact unicum

At NKMZ, within the framework of the technical re-equipment program, a new up-to-date unique slotting machine POLYMAT 70/300 СNC manufactured by Leistritz (Germany) was put into operation.

This machine, probably, can be called one of the most compact among all metal-cutting machine tools operated at NKMZ today. Its dimensions: 1420x1250x1640 mm. At the same time, it has a lot of advantages, and was very necessary for the company.

First of all, this machine is designed for processing internal straight-sided splines at gears and pinions , which are used in gearboxes of roadheaders manufactured at NKMZ. For a long time, the broaching method was used for machining such splines, requiring an expensive tool. But the broaching machine, on which this technological operation was performed, lost its accuracy, and the splines had to be machined using spark-erosion equipment, which was much more expensive and took more time.

After purchasing the POLYMAT 70/300 CNC machine this problem was solved. It provides processing of straight-sided splines in efficient and quality manner and has high accuracy characteristics and covers all standard sizes of gear splines, pinions and sprockets manufactured at NKMZ. The main characteristics of this equipment are as follows: maximum groove length – 300 mm, groove width 2-70 mm, hole diameter – from 10 to 440 mm.

By means of new machine, it is possible to make a diametrical seat of the splines with an accuracy of 7 quality class, while by means of universal ones – only a straight line. It uses a tool with carbide blades, which makes it possible to process materials with a hardness of 340-360 HB, which is higher than with a broaching machine.

The main application of the POLYMAT 70/300 CNC is processing of splines. But, besides this, NKMZ specialists tested and implemented a method of processing conventional keyway slots with a width of 2 to 70 mm with this machine. Here, with the use of special installation tools, their processing is carried out 30% faster than with universal slotting equipment.

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Pipes for nuclear scientists in Turkey

NKMZ PJSC is involved in the manufacture and supply of pipes and pipe fittings used in high-pressure pipelines for the Akkuyu NPP under construction on the southern coast of Turkey.

The shipment of a batch of 46 pcs of six-meter pipes has been completed, of which 26 have a diameter of 711 mm and 20 have a diameter of 813 mm. Some of them have already been accepted by the customer.

The manufacturing technology of this nomenclature was approved at NKMZ by the Principal Metallurgical Organization. NPP equipment parts shall meet high requirements in terms of quality. Their manufacture takes place under the special control of absolutely all technological conversions. Each part is accompanied by an individual quality plan, which reflects certificates for each technological conversion.

Currently the next batch of 116 pipes and tees is being manufactured. Their shipment will begin in August.

Press relations service of NKMZ