Increased capacity crusher of NKMZ

Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod produced for Poltavsky MPP modernized cone crusher for coarse grinding with hydraulic regulation of opening, model ККД1500х180 ГРЩ-М.

As a result of the crusher design improvement, its capacity is 5.5 thousand tons/hour. It is almost 55% higher than before the modernization.

NKMZ has already produced cone crushers of this standard size, but only with standard capacity. One of them was manufactured and delivered to the Ingulets MPP last year. It’s already assembled for the present moment.

Higher capacity of the new modernized crusher, while maintaining the same overall dimensions, is provided as a result of standard model structural changes – an increase in drive power and improvement of units crushing material.

Another feature is that, at the request of the customer, it will be installed instead of its dismantled worn-out unit on existing foundations without changing the grid of their anchor parts.

Press-service of NKMZ