NKMZ and General Electric: cooperation continues

In November, NKMZ finished the contract for the supply of complete rotor shafts for the Garret oil field project of General Electric. NKMZ specialists have manufactured and supplied three rotors weighing 15 tons each.

NKMZ started working with GE Oil&Gas division of General Electric in 2013. Then the Ukrainian company was certified as a supplier of parts with a full cycle of finishing machining for GE Oil&Gas – a global manufacturer of generators and electric motors for pumping gas and oil. During the period of cooperation, NKMZ has manufactured more than 3 thousand tons of parts for GE Oil&Gas.

Rotor shaft is a crucial part, to which very high requirements are imposed on the accuracy of machining – the total mechanical run-out, reflecting all the geometry errors, should not exceed 9 microns. Manufacture of these products feature a special technique for monitoring the run-out and geometry errors of the bearing journals of the shaft by several sensors and in different planes, which had not been used until that time when testing similar parts. To carry out this type of monitoring, NKMZ purchased sensors, equipment and software from the world’s leading manufacturers – TESA (Switzerland) and Bently Nevada (USA). NKMZ specialists have also developed and manufactured the corresponding equipment.

In addition, before launching rotor shafts into production, NKMZ specialists developed an individual plan of the production process, which was considered and approved by representatives of General Electric. Manufacturing monitoring and final acceptance of these products have been carried out by inspectors from GE Power Conversion and Bureau Veritas.

Continuing further cooperation with General Electric, Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod is currently manufacturing shafts weighing from 7 to 47 tons for this company. Their shipment to the customer is expected in December 2021.

Press-relations service of NKMZ

The third bucket wheel excavator for Kazakh miners

Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod launched production of ЭР1500 – 9,5/0,5 bucket wheel excavator for Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe gorno-obogatitelnoe proizvodstvennoe obedinenie JSC (SSGP) (Republic of Kazakhstan), that was designed by mining and press-forging equipment production division of the company.

This is the third bucket wheel excavator of this model manufactured by NKMZ for this Kazakh company. Two previous ones, supplied by the NKMZ in 2012, are being successfully operated. The miners are completely satisfied with the performance of these excavators and therefore placed their order at NKMZ for the production of the third machine. Taking into account customer’s wishes, the NKMZ team made minor modifications in the design of this machine in order to increase its maintainability and ease of use.

NKMZ is widely known as the creator of reliable and high-quality large bucket wheel complexes weighing up to 6000 tons, manufactured during the Soviet period for work in open pit mines. Some of them are still operated, far beyond the guaranteed service life. For example, a large bucket wheel complex has been operating at the Volnogorsk GMK since 1979. But such complexes have not been purchased by the mining enterprises of the post-Soviet space for several decades.

The bucket wheel excavator for Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe gorno-obogatitelnoe proizvodstvennoe obedinenie JSC (SSGP) is a small machine (weight: over 188 tons, length: 35 m, width: 7.5 m, height: 8 m), which is used in closed warehouses for material handling. Its productivity makes 1500 t / h, the height of the material intake is 9.5 m, the depth of the material intake is 0.5 m from the zero mark. Its main advantages when performing these works are mobility and productivity.

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Ultimate capacity mine winder

At the end of October, Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod shipped a skip mine winder ШПМ ЦШ-5х8 to the Sokolovskaya mine of SSGPO JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan). This is the fourth machine among mine winders of various types that were designed, manufactured and shipped to customers this year by mining and press-forging equipment production division of NKMZ.

ШПМ ЦШ-5х8в model is one of the most productive mine winders in the world market, which is able to lift 60 tons of iron ore from a depth of more than 700 m in one lifting operation. By its type, it belongs to multi-rope machines that lift their vehicles due to the friction forces between the drum lining and the rope.

ШПМ ЦШ-5х8в model is mounted on a tower-type headgear, equipped with two lifting motors of 3800 kW each, a traction sheave with a diameter of 5 m with eight strands for lifting ropes. Its design also envisages eight lined strands with a removable lining made of modern German Becorit material with a high friction coefficient to transmit the required torque. The machine is also fitted with shoe brakes having four spring-loaded drives, which provide reliable braking, ease of setup and maintenance.

At present time the mining and press-forging equipment production division is manufacturing another mine winder of ШПМ 2Ц-6,4х2,4 ТД model for TNC Kazchrome JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan). Its assembly operation will begin in December.

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New section mill of NKMZ brand

Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod (NKMZ) has completed the production of the second stage of the equipment complex for the 350/250 small-section wire mill. This modern, universal, highly automated mill will produce rods (Ø10-30 mm) and wire rod (Ø5.5-12 mm) in coils from various grades of steels and titanium alloys.

This is the first mill of this type that was fully designed and manufactured at NKMZ. Previously, the company mainly carried out their modernization and reconstruction.

The second stage of the mill includes equipment for charging and discharging billets from a heating furnace, transport roller tables, cooling bed, pull-over gear, power systems and automated process control systems (APCS). In the first stage, among other things, a section of a continuous group of horizontal and edging stands 350 for the production of rods, a section of a continuous group of horizontal and edging stands 250 for the production of wire rod, a section for winding wire rod were manufactured.

NKMZ carries out a complete supply of the mill, which, together with engineering and equipment, includes rolling technology and a software product. It should be noted that the mill made by NKMZ provides rolling of a wide range of steel grades and alloys. Due to the features of the technical process, they require different amounts of force and rolling temperature, different reduction (degree of metal deformation), and, as a rule, are not rolled on the same mill. NKMZ employees have created a universal mill that is capable to do it.

Press-relations service of NKMZ