Ultimate capacity mine winder

At the end of October, Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod shipped a skip mine winder ШПМ ЦШ-5х8 to the Sokolovskaya mine of SSGPO JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan). This is the fourth machine among mine winders of various types that were designed, manufactured and shipped to customers this year by mining and press-forging equipment production division of NKMZ.

ШПМ ЦШ-5х8в model is one of the most productive mine winders in the world market, which is able to lift 60 tons of iron ore from a depth of more than 700 m in one lifting operation. By its type, it belongs to multi-rope machines that lift their vehicles due to the friction forces between the drum lining and the rope.

ШПМ ЦШ-5х8в model is mounted on a tower-type headgear, equipped with two lifting motors of 3800 kW each, a traction sheave with a diameter of 5 m with eight strands for lifting ropes. Its design also envisages eight lined strands with a removable lining made of modern German Becorit material with a high friction coefficient to transmit the required torque. The machine is also fitted with shoe brakes having four spring-loaded drives, which provide reliable braking, ease of setup and maintenance.

At present time the mining and press-forging equipment production division is manufacturing another mine winder of ШПМ 2Ц-6,4х2,4 ТД model for TNC Kazchrome JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan). Its assembly operation will begin in December.

Press relations service of NKMZ