The international research-and-practical conference was held at NKMZ

Based on Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region), on June 19-20 the second international research-and-practical conference “Modern equipment complexes for the extraction, processing and transportation of mineral resources. Prospects for the technological processes development”. The first conference of the cycle those which dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the enterprise was held at the end of May and was related to metallurgy. Both events are organized by NKMZ together with the Donbass Machine-Building Academy.

Among the participants there are more than 70 managers and specialists representing 23 mining enterprises and trading companies from Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, as well as scientists from five Ukrainian universities. All of them in one capacity or another are partners of NKMZ.

At the plenary session on the first day of the conference, Chief Engineer of NKMZ Mr. Alexey Voloshin told about the created at the plant advanced technological capabilities ensuring the production of innovative, competitive equipment for mining and processing complexes. After the implementation at the NKMZ of the large-scale program of technical re-equipment in the metallurgical, welding and machining production, the plant corresponds to the world-class industrial complex and is considered to be the enterprise No.1 among the heavy engineering companies of the former Union. It produces a wide range of products for various industries.

The main experts of NKMZ introduced the participants of the conference to the manufactured mining machines, represented new products and advanced developments. This is the equipment and complexes for open-pit mining, processing and transportation of mineral resources, as well as equipment for underground mining. One of the new promising activities of NKMZ workers is the manufacturing and supply of equipment for complex processing of ash-and-slag dumps of thermal power plants.

The president of the Donbass Machine-Building Academy, Mr. Viktor Kovalev told about the innovative developments of the DSMA for heavy engineering.

On the second day of the conference, at its breakout sessions, about thirty reports were dedicated to the innovative development of equipment for the mining and processing industry and technological processes. They were rendered by NKMZ specialists and Ukrainian scientists.

Within the framework of the conference its participants also made the excursion to the workshops of NKMZ. Here are a few of their reviews. “At NKMZ there are serious capacities and technological capabilities. This is the plant for production of the plants. NKMZ is the quality. Produced here machines operate for a long time and without accidents. By purchasing the machines and equipment with the NKMZ brand, we ourselves rise to a new level of quality and technology”.

Press relation service of NKMZ