Equipment for PrJSC “Ukrgrafit”

NKMZ specialists from metallurgical and sinking-tunneling equipment production division continue cooperation with Ukrainian manufacturers.

Thus, in December 2021, contracts were signed with PrJSC Ukrgrafit (Zaporozhye) for the supply of the main technological equipment for the newly built graphitization shop No. 4. Such equipment includes carbon blank column compression equipment and pneumatic installation equipment.

And if the designing and manufacturing of compression columns equipment for NKMZ is not the first experience – earlier, in 2017, NKMZ manufactured and put into operation a similar complex, which is now successfully operating and received favorable reviews, the pneumatic installation equipment is a new product item for the company.

The equipment of the pneumatic installation is included in the complex of the main technological equipment and is designed to service the graphitization furnaces of electrode blanks, allowing this process to be carried out efficiently and maximally quickly.

The total weight of the supplied equipment is about 600 tons.

General Director’s message

Dear Sirs,

2021 was a very difficult year for us, as well as for all Ukrainian product manufacturers.

The rise in prices for metals, scrap metal, purchased components, and especially for energy resources, in particular, for gas, the price of which for industrial enterprises increased 6 (six) times over the four months of last year, made its own adjustments.

And, nevertheless, despite the challenges of the real life, we are honest and responsible to our partners; we have always fulfilled and keep fulfilling obligations assumed by us!

Let me assure you that at present the company is operating as usual, continuing to manufacture and to supply products, performing works in a timely manner within the framework of concluded contracts and faces the future with confidence!

Kind regards,
General Director NKMZ PJSC

You can find more online about our production processes in the workshops of the company at the following link:

Hydraulic rock breaker for Ingulets Iron Ore dressing Works (Ingulets GOK)

At the end of 2021, a new tract of the in-pit crushing and conveying technology complex (CPT) was put into operation in the open pit of the Ingulets Iron Ore dressing Works (Metinvest). The complex is designed for coarse crushing and transportation of ore from a depth of minus 300 m to the ore processing plants of the enterprise. As part of this complex, “NKMZ” PJSC has designed, manufactured and delivered the ККД -1500/180 crusher and other equipment.

To improve the safety of work on crushing oversized pieces of rock and increase the productivity of the entire technological chain, the customer decided to equip the new in-pit crushing and conveying complex with a stationary rock breaker.

The rock breaker is executed as manipulator rotating on a turntable, at the free end of which a hydraulic hammer is fixed. Due to a sufficient number of degrees of freedom of the manipulator, the hydraulic hammer splits the oversized rock mass to acceptable dimensions directly in the crusher’s receiving hopper.

In order to reduce the time of commissioning works, the equipment was delivered in a state of increased assembly readiness.