Product range of NKMZ mills is extending

Mills have long been the most popular product range items of the Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny zavod. They are in high demand among mining companies, since they always confirm the declared technological and operational performance. Mills under NKMZ trademark are featured with high quality and reliability and equipped with up-to-date control systems. These are state-of-the-art mills.

Over the three previous years, the company has shipped 106 mills with a total weight of 23,300 tons to its customers. Among them are ball mills with central charging and ball mills with a grate discharge (mill shell diameter is 2700-5500 mm); wet autogenous grinding mills and wet semi-autogenous grinding mills (shell diameter 7-9.5 m). It should be noted that mills of all these types are equally in demand on the market. Among the new products related to mineral-processing equipment embraced by NKMZ are drum pelletizers with a drum diameter of 4 m and a length of 11 m. They are used in the production of iron ore pellets.

The most popular among those shipped last year were МШЦ-5500х7500 ball mills with central discharge. Nine such mills were dispatched by NKMZ to the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant (Republic of Uzbekistan).

Mr. Yevgeny Vovnenko (the head of the grinding and power engineering equipment bureau at the department of the chief designer of mining and forging-pressing equipment of NKMZ) spoke about two mills of new design produced last year.

“The first and the largest of those previously manufactured at NKMZ is ММПС-7750х6060 wet semi-autogenous grinding mill,” – says Evgeny Nikolaevich. – It also has the most powerful drive from those previously used for mills – 5750 kW. The design capacity of this mill is 600 t / h, but already today it performs 800 t / h, while the amount of electricity it consumes has not yet approached 80% of the design value. The miners are completely satisfied with its work. Now the specialists of our bureau are designing the second such mill.

Another mill of a new design is МШЦ-3600х6000 БЦ a journal free ball mill with a central discharge. If mills of a traditional design, when installed on a foundation, are rested on the journals of the end walls, then this new mill has no journals, and the end walls are integrated into the shell body and executed as its continuation. It is installed on the same foundations and rests directly on the shell body. Accordingly, such a mill is extended, has a 50% larger volume, and the volume of the material to be ground in it doubles. The miners are interested in purchasing journal free mills with a larger shell diameter”.

The map of supply of NKMZ mills is quite extensive: Ukraine (North, South, Central, Ingulets, Poltava GOKs (Mining and Processing Plants)), Mongolia, Bulgaria, CIS countries.

This year NKMZ has already shipped eight mills to mining companies.

Press relations service of NKMZ

In picture: ММПС – 7580х6060 wet semi autogeneous grinding mill, МШЦ-3600х5500 ball mill with central charging.