Electric workshop of NKMZ JSC performed in a new role

For the first time, three new sectors for the 1200-1500 mm inductor of the hardening plant ТПЧ-1500 of the press-forging workshop heat treatment area No. 1 were manufactured in the electric workshop of the Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod.

Previously, they only repaired old inductors for hardening plants.

As Sergei Seregin, the foreman of the ТПЧ heat treaters of the heat treatment area No. 1 said, the installation of new assembly units is ongoing.

“This order is unusual for us,” says Vitaly Bashtovoy, electric workshop manager of NKMZ JSC. – “Over the past fifteen years, we have manufactured new equipment assemblies for the first time. Before starting this work, our specialists visited the enterprises that manufacture such inductors and decided that we would cope with this work.

The most difficult thing was to make an inductor coil from a rectangular shaped copper pipe, since its bending is performed according to a special pattern. All parts for the inductor were manufactured at NKMZ – in the workshop for special-purpose tools and in workshop No.16, and the electric workshop assembled them.

The work was carried out by a team of electric fitters (foreman Vadim Kosik) under the guidance of chief foreman Alexander Melnik. We can say that a new stage has begun in the life of our workshop. Today, new inductors with diameters of 630, 450, 660, 540 and 250 mm are on the way to assembly.”