Work with youth

Social organization
Youth Association of NKMZ PJSC

The Youth Association has more than 3,000 young workers and specialists. At the same time, the youth association constantly generates exciting ideas for leisure activities, and the trade union committee finances their implementation.

The youth motto “Live bright!” is embodied in Wits & Humour competition contests, “Brain ring” intellectual competitions, Juvenalia tourist camp meetings, factory sports contests in tennis, bowling, billiards, biathlon, city racing, water polo, beach volleyball, football, in “The strongest man “ game ”,“ Spring Opening Day ”and contests“ Miss NKMZ ”,“ Gentlemen of Fortune ”, in commemoration meetings “ Inheritors of the Victory ”. And in each of the memorable events, there is always an essential part of the participation of the trade union.

NKMZ contribution to Kramatorsk life

The team of the city's primary tax payer has always been involved in solving problems of the city, no matter how complex they may seem.

In 2015, NKMZ deputies organized the United Kramatorsk group in the city council, which included sensible, economically competent associates who designated the city’s effective development as the top priority for their activity. The factory’s staff, in its turn, adopted the social program “NKMZ for Kramatorsk”, according to which 100 million hryvnas (UAH) would be invested in solving the city’s critical issues within two years.

The program has not yet been completed, but the city has already felt positive changes in the districts, and, first of all, in educational institutions as repairs have begun in schools and kindergartens, new roofs have appeared, children's and sports grounds have been installed in the city. In addition, the infrastructure of urban settlements is being improved. A significant contribution to the solution of the city’s problems was made by NKMZ deputies, trade union leaders Mr.V.I. Tuka, Mr. M.G. Joffe, Mr. N.E. Titova,Mr. N.M. Sobolev.

Occupational safety and health care

An industrial enterprise is a zone of increased danger, therefore, at NKMZ special attention is paid to labor protection and strict observance of safety rules. In 2016 alone, the management of the enterprise invested more than UAH 16.3 million in environmental protection, labor protection and a production practices. The labor protection commission of the trade union committee of the enterprise works in line with the specialized production department, carefully checking the state of the labor protection system, the implementation of measures to achieve established standards, and occupational health in the workshops.

The labor protection and safety commission of the trade union committee regularly checks the sanitary conditions in the company’s premises and prepares a consolidated list of proposals for inclusion in the collective agreement on the basis of proposals from the employees. This, as a rule, includes questions regarding provision of protective clothing, repair of sanitary facilities and lighting facilities.

In 2000, the factory introduced a corporate uniform of workwear. The workers of the trade union committee undertook to control its quality. And suppliers know that any faults detected in this workwear will cause a refusal to cooperate.

The medical unit of NKMZ is older than the factory itself. In the past century, it included, in addition to the factory policlinic, the largest hospital in the city No. 3 with its own clinic, 16 medical stations, a sanatorium, and a dental service. The economic crisis of the nineties made its own adjustments - only the factory clinic and dental offices provided emergency assistance to the factory workers.

In January 2012, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine decided to close the NKMZ medical unit. Realizing the aggravating effects of this action, the trade union committee appealed to the management of the enterprise with a request to prevent the reduction of social guarantees for the factory employees. Thus NKMZ took over the financing of the medical unit.

The factory medical unit provides emergency aid to NKMZ employees, conducts preventive and fluorographic examinations, and the trade union committee invites specialty doctors from large medical centers for consultations. So in 2017, with the help of this medical unit, all interested NKMZ employees underwent a free examination of the endocrine system assisted by specialists of the Institute of Endocrine Pathology (Kharkov). The trade union committee covered all the costs for the services of doctors.

Environmental protection


The use of modern burner systems in heat treatment furnaces can significantly reduce gas consumption and scale formation volume, create a uniform thermal field in the furnace, and carry out the most complex heat treatment modes that dramatically improve the quality of the processed products.

Thus, according to the results of the reconstruction, the weight of the lining is reduced tenfold in comparison with the previously used one, and the consumption of natural gas is significantly reduced. The service life of fiber insulation will make 8-10 years, which is 3-5 times longer than the life of a brick lining.

The design of reconstructed heat treatment furnaces corresponds to the best foreign equivalents used for the preliminary and final heat treatment of castings.


EAF-15 furnace is equipped with a highly efficient gas purification complex. Gas purification equipment includes a dust collection, transportation and granulation system.

The total capacity of gas purification at EAF-15 makes 280 thousand m3 / h.

The purification efficiency for solids makes 97.5 - 98.3%.

The maximum amount of dust trapped in bag collectors makes 260 kg / h.


In order to exclude possible emergency situations, instead of using gaseous chlorine to disinfect drinking water, the block-type electrolysis units of the Flame-2 type were installed at each well, designed to produce sodium hypochloride solution by electrolysis of sodium chloride solution.


To use the treated sewage water in the factory’s industrial water supply network, a pump station was built with a tank having capacity of 130 m3 / h, in the area where effluents from sewage treatment plants are discharged, which reduced the need for industrial water and subsequently completely phase out water intake from the Krivoy Torets river.