NKMZ manufactures and accomplishes complete delivery of:
Chamber furnaces of car and stationary bottom types;
Bell-type furnaces;
Continuous roller-hearth furnaces or walking-beam heating furnaces;
Vertical furnaces;
Conveyor furnaces;
High speed heating furnaces.
Furnace design complies with the most modern requirements of global market:
It provides high heating uniformity and accuracy (+5°C);
Metal cooling within wide range of speeds and temperatures;
Provides high reliability of assemblies and elements;
Modern gas burning units consisted from high speed burners implemented in the cooling air supply lances are used;
Gas burning units have automated control which provides practically complete fuel burning;
High speed burners have combustor discharge of high rate and provide practically complete fuel burning in continuous and pulse modes;
Furnace operation area sealing is accomplished by means of original devices;
Furnace lining is accomplished by means of modern low-inertia fiber materials and refractory concrete;
Thermal automatics system provides furnace thermal mode stabilization according to the energy saving algorithms and connection to the workshop information network.