Rod mills are a popular product range of NKMZ

In the ore-and-mining and press-forging equipment production division of NKMZ, the manufacture of a rod mill with a central discharge MSC 3600×4500, intended for grinding iron ore, has been completed.

Mills of this type are installed in the first stage of grinding and are the first to receive the largest ore that comes after crushing. They work in extremely difficult conditions under heavy loads. In addition, the grinding bodies in them are metal rods, which are heavier than the balls used in traditional mills.

Taking into account the high loads in the structure of two mills MSC 3600×4500, manufactured this year, up-to-date modernized segmental bearings were used, which have a higher carrying capacity than single-case ones, which were installed in mills of this type that were produced earlier. Segmental bearings are more durable.

Another special feature of the center discharge rod mills is that their rotating part is supplied pre-assembled to increase assembly readiness.

Center discharge rod mills are popular with miners. NKMZ produces two or three mills of this type annually.

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