The shearer is designed for mechanized coal mining in highly-production stopes of gently and steeply sloping seams with the capacity of 0.85 m moving along seam courses with dip angles of up to 35° along the course, as well as along the rise and dip with angles of up to 10° with the coal cuttability up to 400 kN/m in mines which are hazardous by gas and dust.
The shearer УКД-200 is a cutting machine equipped with auger-type operating members for the coal destruction and loading on the conveyor. The auger-type operating members are located at the ends of the machine body, equipped with gearboxes of the cutting part and the electric motor, which are located between the augers in the stope face. By means of a portal attached to the cutting part gearboxes, the shearer is installed on the grid of the chain-and-flight conveyor. The shearer is moved along the chain-and-flight conveyor by means of a remote feeding system.