Changeable steel lining to be provided in case of:
 any cracks in the drum shell;
 the wooden lining replacing;
wearout of the steel drum grooved surface;
changing the rope diameter and rope winding pitch.
To increase the coiling length of drums or to reduce deviation angles, steel lining may be made with the variable winding pitches or by arranging three friction coils on the rubber lining.
In case of brake field wearout or breakage, changeable steel lining may be made together with the brake field.
To increase the drum coiling length the following measures may be taken:
rope friction coils will be arranged on elastic lining;
spare rope length will be arranged inside the drum;
adaptor strips will be installed in case of double-layer rope winding around the drum.
A hub of the wedged drum may be replaced by a two-piece hub provided with thermal studs.
A device for the rope-guiding pulleys grooving of the multi-rope winders may be provided.
The drum may be furnished with lining to align rope length.
Press-formed brake blocks may be used instead of the wooden ones.
Single-drive brake may be changed for the double-drive one.
An insert between the tooth-type coupling casings may be installed to compensate for the growth of the distance between bushings.
Disk springs of the uncoupling device may be changed for the coil ones.

New machines may be installed at the available foundations with the drum coiling length being increased due to:
the drum diameter increasing;
changing machines of the 2Ц type for the ЦР type machines;
the drum coiling length increasing when changing outboard brakes for the inbuilt ones (МПБ series machines).
Available machines may be re-equipped into multi-rope ground-based machines.