An automated process control system is realized based on the state-of-the-art microprocessing units that provide better level of control and protection of the hoist installations used in coal mining and some other industries.

Mine Winder Motion Presetting and Control Unit

Mine winder motion presetting and control unit with the winder control pulpit is designed for automatic, automated and manual operation of the mine winders of any types including multi-rope, single-drum and multi-drum versions of the hoist installations.
This unit may be used both for complete sets of the new mine winders providing and for the old ones replacing during the available machines modernization. The unit may be supplied as a complete set and as individual assembly.
The mine winder motion presetting and control unit with the winder control pulpit perform the following functions:
- continuous hoist vessel speed control during the entire hoisting cycle, i.e., speed-up, full speed, slowdown, creeping with the safety brake being applied in case when the control parameters are beyond the preset limits;
- mine counters control;
- emergency stop control;
- rope slipping/break control;
- rope stretching compensation control;;
- control of hoist vessel motion beyond the preset limit positions and protection against excessive lifting/(lowering) by switching the safety brake;
- protection against backward motion;
- on-line position control of hoist vessels in the mine shaft with the signal output at preset travel points;
- channels self-test of the speed limiter;
- possibility of the speed protection diagram parameter checkup by the specialized organization involved in the machine setup by means of the use of the special password;
- visualization of the actual controllable parameters and self-test results.