The МППк bucket ripper-loader is a version of the МПП ripper-loader and is developed on the basis of one transport and energy module. The use of bucket ripper-loaders allows the labour productivity increasing by 3,0-3,5 times, to exclude manual loading of the rock and the soil cleaning-up. It is worth pointing out the compactness of the machines, high maneuverability, simplicity of operation and reliability in operation. The use of the original telescopic boom allows to expand the excavation zone and increase the bucket filling capacity, as well as to use the machine in order to perform the other operations. The design provides slinging elements for lifting and moving of individual loads, as well as for rigging.
The machine is designed to mechanize the process of ripping and loading of the rock mass with maximum ultimate uniaxial compression strength Ϭconpr=40 MPa (f=3-4 units) in horizontal and inclined (± 12°) mine workings, which are dangerous by gas and dust.