The loader МП-2 with gathering arms is designed for the mechanization of the process of rock mass loading into trucks and onto the conveyor with the rock hardness ratio of up to f= 12 according to the scale of Professor M.M. Protodyakonov, which is loosened by the drill-and-fire method, with the size of the pieces in the largest dimension not more than 500 mm.
The machine is used when carrying out horizontal and inclined up to ± 12° mine workings with the finished cross-section of 5.4 m2 or more in mines hazardous by gas and dust, as well as for rock mass loading in stoping chambers, on the surface and in coal-storage areas.
Climatic version of the У5 machine is in accordance with GOST 15150-69. The air temperature ranges during operation is from + 5° to + 35° C.