Plate-bending machine ЛГМ 17х12200

Taking into account the requirements of integrated iron and steel works, NKMZ offers equipment for all existing schemes of gas and oil large diameter pipes manufacturing:
Skelping by means of plate-bending machine;
Press forming technique;
Sequential press bending process.
In order to convey plate or pipe, we have designed and ready to supply all kinds of technological equipment, such as: plate pilers, roller tables, transfer cars, etc
Except skelping, technological process of pipes manufacturing includes following stages:
Edge milling;
Submerged arc welding of inside and outside welds;
Ultrasonic and radiographic tests;
Pipe expanding;
Chamfer machining;
Hydrostatic pipe testing;
Pipe control and storing.
The entire technological process is monitored by means of automated process control system. We have gained the experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of a set of equipment for skelping, based on the process of forming a pipe billet using a plate-bending and post-bending machine.