System description

This system is used to receive commercial offers from potential suppliers.
On a day-to-day basis we publish our company's demand in materials, metallurgical raw products, metal rolled products and component parts in the system. You are capable to submit permanently Your new offers for any of the items specified in the list within the offer validity period. Price for the item is updated based on Your offers and is fixed according to the lowest price immediately after its submission. Thus, in real-time mode You can see minimum price offers of the suppliers and submit Your offers. Please note that all the offers of the customers submitted in this system are recorded and considered while making the decision about the purchasing. Choice of the supplier is made in accordance with item 9 of Terms of system use.

Order of offers submission

  1. To register. If You have been already registered You should ommit this item. After registration by E-mail (to the E-mail address which You indicated in the registration form) You will receive a five-symbol password for access to Offers submission system.
  2. Chose the section of your interest on the homepage : "Materials and metallurgical raw products" , "Semi-products and component parts", "Metal rolled products and tools";. Enter the page with the list of materials and click the description of the material (it is the link if the receiving of the offers hasn't stopped yet). Then You will be transferred to an offer submission form. All the offers are received through the date indicated in the column "Inquiry validity period". At 3 p.m. of the last day the receiving of the offers is stopped.
  3. To authorize fill in the field "Login (e-mail)" (E-mail address specified by You while registering) and "Password" (see it. 1). If You don't remember the password press link "Forgot the password?" and it will be sent to Your e-mail. Add Your offer in the corresponding fields and indicate a VAT index. Attention! Modifications which have come into effect since 10.10.2005:
    - while submitting a price offer the new price should be equal or lower than the price offered by system which is determined taking into consideration a minimum reduction value confirmed by us;
    - new final time for offers receipt has been determined. Now the offers receipt will be finished not at 7 p.m. of the last date but at 3 p.m. (Kiev time) if it does not contradict with the following item.
    - while receiving the offers within 10 last minutes of the offers receipt time (i.e. since 2.50 p.m. till 3.00 p.m.) this period will be automatically prolonged by 10 minutes (since 2.50 p.m. till 3.10 p.m.). If the offers are being still received within these 10 minutes (since 3.00 p.m. till 3.10 p.m.) the offers receipt time will be prolonged by 10 minutes (since 3.10 p.m. till 3.20 p.m.). This way will continue until the time when within 10 last minutes till the final time of the offers receipt there are no new offers.
  4. Order of the price calculation and price entry in the column "current price per item, UAH":
    - price is converted to UAH according to the current exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine;
    - for Ukrainian suppliers in case if the price is indicated without VAT the price will be recalculated taking into account the VAT;
    - the minimum price is chosen and is entered in the column "max price per item, UAH".

    Attention! Suppliers should pay attention to additional terms which if necessary are indicated in brackets of the products description (e.g.: name of the products manufacturer). Suppliers should form their offer taking into consideration these terms. It's required to indicate the production year of the goods being offered.

    It is recommended to indicate the products price taking into account the cost of their transportation to Kramatorsk because submission of the minimum offer by the supplier without transportation costs indication does not guarantee the leadership as per price value while choosing a supplier.
  5. After correct filling of the fields and pressing the button "OK" the system will show You offer to check submitted information. In case if the filled information is incorrect there is the possibility to return to modify the offer.
  6. After pressing the button "Agree" the server will give You the confirmation about offer receipt.
    In 5 seconds You will find yourself automatically in the list of the offers for the item You submitted the offer for.
  7. If the price You submitted is minimum for the present moment then the price per item in the system will be automatically changed to the price proposed by You.
  8. Submission of the minimum price by supplier does not impose obligations for purchasing on PJSC NKMZ and it is the additional source of the authorized information about condition of the market. The basis for supply is considered to be a concluded agreement (agreement letter).
  9. While summarizing the results of the offers submission the employees of the Commercial Department choose the most favourable offer based on the following parameters: - minimum price taking into consideration costs for transportation, customs payments, price of the authorization documents, tare, package etc.;
    - products quality guarantees and after-sale service;
    - reliability of the supplier, guarantees of the supply within specified terms;
    - method of payment, cost of financial value;
    - products conformance with the requirements of PJSC NKMZ.
  10. Within the offer validity period the supplier has the possibility to detail all the specified requirements for purchasing at the contact persons of the Commercial Department and provide offers taking into consideration these requirements. Поставщик в течении срока действия предложения имеет возможность уточнить
  11. After finishing of the offer submission period providing that offer corresponds to the requirements of PJSC NKMZ and minimum price of the offer in electronic system, the supplier is enabled to receive the information about results of the choice made by employees of the commercial department of PJSC NKMZ regarding this purchasing which can be received from the contact persons.
  12. If you have any questions and discrepancies regarding execution of it. 10 and it. 11 of the present Order we ask you to contact the Head of Commercial Department Sergey Andreyevich Levchenko, phone +38 06264 78888, mob. phone +38 050 4702402

Used symbols
(Indicator of item state is in the second column)

New - item has appeared today and has a starting price
- item has appeared today and has the minimum price offered by the supplier
Old - information about item has not been changed today
- information about item has not been changed and contains minimum price offered by the supplier
Exp - the term of receiving the offers as per the present item has expired, displays the minimum offered price

Messages about detected disadvantages and any of your wishes should be sent to development engineers:

Description of "member area". This functionality will enable You to collect all the items You are interested in on one page which allows You to avoid their traceability in three other sections.
Adding of items to the "member area". On the page of demand in the left column mark the items You are interested in (for which You will participate in tender and/or trace the price); enter login/password at the end of the list (if there are no fields to enter login/password, it means that You have already entered them and You shouldn't enter them again) and press the button "Enter to the member area".
Deletion of items from the "member area". Enter to the "member area" (link in the menu on the left), if necessary You should authorise at the entry; in the left column tick the items You want to delete and press the button "To delete marked items".
Order of offers submission using member area mainly doesn't differ from the standard order except for return process after successful submission of the offer. Now, after pressing the button "Agree" (at the stage of the offer last check) within 5 seconds You will be returned to the complete list of offers. To return to the "member area" You should use the correponding link (Back to the member area).
If You have any questions regarding functionality of the "member area" please send a letter to the following E-mail address: