Deslagging unit

This unit is intended for slag skimming after liquid metal is poured into the ladle out of steel-making unit.


  • small size of mechanisms;
  • main mechanisms of the unit are provided with the hydraulic drive which effects tilting, lifting and turning of the carriage as well as displacement of the boom with a scraper;
  • unit control is effected by the operator in the cabin which is equipped with the control panel, heat radiation protection, and air-conditioner;
  • high efficiency.


Map of deliveries

Reference list

Parameter designation Norm
Time of slag skimming out of ladle, min, no more than 5
Boom pulling force, kN 16±2
Boom displacement rate, m/s 0,02...1,2
Carriage tilting angle, deg:
- upwards 10±1
- downwards 10±1
Operating boom stroke, mm 5000±50
Vertical carriage stroke, mm 500±50
Unit swivel angle in a horizontal plane, deg:
- to the right        20+2
- to the left 20±2
Stand of ladle tilt
Carrying capacity, t 150 tо 250
Unit forward-backward tilt angle, deg (max.) +40;-15
Time of ladle swivel, min (max.) 0,5