Stationary mixers

Stationary mixers are designated to hold and prepare the large amounts of hot metal delivered from the blast furnaces, to feed hot metal for making steel as well as to equalize its temperature and to average its chemical composition.

Some design decisions were implemented while such mixers producing which enable them to stand out among the existing analogous equipment, namely:

  • availability of limiting devices of self-reset system;
  • availability of automated control system and process parameters control system providing accurate dozing of liquid iron feed and thermotechnical parameters keeping.

Map of deliveries

Reference list
Parameter designation Value of model’s parameter
МС-450 МС-600 МС-1300 МС-2500
Liquid iron weight, ton 450 600 1300 2500
Rated liquid iron temperature, °C 1320 1350 1350 1320
Ultimate operational tilting angle during discharge, deg 25 30
Tilting angle during full discharge, deg 47 45 48
Filling neck and discharge lip arrangement in the middle of the barrel
Swing drive (tilt drive) rack
Overall size, mm, no more than::
- length 13200 13680 13680 17700
- width 9500 9975 11525 14700
- height 9360 10910 12712 16500