Electromechanical complex for the taphole servicing


Electromechanical complex for the blast furnace hot metal taphole hydraulic servicing consists of the following key components:  

  • Iron taphole plugging machines;
  • Iron taphole opening machines;
  • Launder cover lifting manipulator;
  • Control facilities.

The plant advantages:

  • Provision of pressure control which enables reliable operation;
  • Reduction of pig iron losses with a slag;
  • Reduction of labor intensiveness at iron output;
  • Improvement of labor safety.

The equipment set is designed in collaboration with VAI (Austria) to suit the customer’s requirements.  Iron Taphole Plugging Machine is intended to plug up the blast furnace iron taphole with the refractory filler material. It may be installed at the blast furnace casting yard. 


Iron taphole opening machine is intended to drill the blast furnace iron taphole when tapping the head products out. It’s installed in a blast furnace casting yard.    


Launder cover lifting manipulator serves to lift up the launder covers in order to provide access to the tapholes and to the taphole opening or plugging machines. It may be located in the blast furnace casting yard. 


Main hydraulic and pumpimg plant is used to service the taphole opening/plugging machines and launder cover lifting manipulator. It consists of the hydraulic tank, pump set, hydraulic control valves, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic motors, pneumatic control valves, air (nitrogen) preparation facility and compressor unit.  


Process control system is employed to provide operation-by-operation control of the taphole opening/plugging machines and manipulators. 

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Parameter Values
Working cylinder rated volume, mj 0,25 ... 0,5
Filler material pressure below piston, MPa (kgs/cm2) 15 ... 20 (150 ... 200)
Holddown force, t 32
Taphole filler material output, m/s 0,2
Taphole gun variable slope, deg 11...17
Nozzle spout dia, mm 150
Nozzle spout displacement direction:  
   - up and down, mm 200
   - to the left and right, mm 200
Machine height, mm, no more than 1700


Parameters Values
Feed length, mm 3800
Drilling speed, m/min 1,2
Output speed, m/sec 1
Turning angle, deg + 145° - 145"
Turning radius, mm 4100


Parameters Values
Load-lifting capacity, t 20
Turning angle, deg 130
Lifting speed, m/min 10
Min,gripper length, m 2,5
Max. gripper length, m 9,15