Trough-type charging device

The trough-type charging device is designed to automatically feed the charge materials into the blast furnace and allocate the same over the full area of the furnace top.

This device is designed in cooperation with GIPROMEZ Research institute (Moscow).


  • Separation of functions between the charging device components;
  • Arrangement of the gas sealing components beyond the furnace area;
  • Gas sealing components are made small-sized and easy in fabrication;
  • Valves are protected from the contact with the charge gates over the same valves;
  • Charge material accumulation may be carried out in several pressure-tight hoppers arranged in parallel due to the small cross-sectional sizes of the valves and gates;
  • Availability of charging tracks fitted with the pressure-tight devices separated from the furnace area provides easy repairs of the tracks and replacement of their components while the furnace is in operation;
  • Control and setup of the charge material allocation on a radius of the furnace top and its laying around the circumference may be provided within a wide range.


The trough-type charging device affords the following:

  • Blast furnace output growth by 5 to 7%;
  • Coke saving by 3 to 5%;
  • Total repair and maintenance cost reduction by 30%;


Parameters Values
Distributor assembly type Through-type
Qty. of charging tracks  2 or 1
Trough rotational speed, rpm  2,1 ... 8,03
Trough tilting angle, deg. 11 ... 53
Trough-type distributor cooling, gas valve forced air cooling
and charge material recharging technique
With nitrogen

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