Wide-strip hot mills

Below you can find, as an example, the layout of 2500 mm universal high-duty semi continuous wide-strip mill, fitted with modern technical facilities and production control systems, designated for production of strip of various steel grades including high-strength steels.

Besides conventional procedure for wide-strip mills, a rolling technology for pipe steel grades in accordance with controlled modes can be realized here.


1. Heating furnaces area.
2. Reversing two-stand roughing mill group of universal four-high mill stands (tandem).
3. Intermediate table with strip plate specified cooling.
4. Coilbox.
5. Flying shears.
6. Finishing mill stands group.
7. Run-out table with strip cooling system.
8. Universal strip coilers.
Initial billet:
- thickness, mm 250
- width, mm 1000...2350
- weight, ton up to 45
Dimensions of hot-rolled strips in coils:
- thickness, mm 1,2...25
- width, mm 1000...2350
Rolling mill yield, mln. t/year 5,5

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